Friday, June 6, 2008

Hello Dear Friends. During my wife and my three short years of marital bliss, we've made only a handful of friends. Interstingly, most of them are interested in photography. While they are generally better at it than we are, we are pleading for your help, you world-wide web users, to help us keep the friends that we have by impressing them with our mad photo skills.

We're making this blog to organize our favorite websites, blogs, tutorials, helpful hints, and other general information focusing on photography. Don't think that we are going to stop there. This blog offers three broad categories available on the right-hand side menu. Please feel free to add comments, email with links (if we really like you or are impressed with your mad photo skills, write us and we may add you to the nifty permissions list).

  1. Photography: Add links to your favorite websites, post helpful hints, or questions on how to do something. Found a cheap light set? Post what you've learned about it here. Found a cheap place to get you camera gear fix? Add a link (and come back and click on it often -- we're using adsense).

  2. Photoshop: Taking pictures is only the beginning. We are learning how to massage the images into photos that we can treasure. Click on the related Photoshop link to see helpful links, hints, tutorials and whatever else you think will help improve your skills on photoshop.

  3. DigiScrapping: We all need somewhere to display our now "perfect" photos. Or at least that is what my wife tells me. So click here or on the DigiScrappin link at the top right of the page to see our collection of links, tutorials, and list of free-bies that we've found.

A note to our sponsors. Yes, we want some. I guess in the mean time, please click on the adsense banners and other links. We hope to support our photo habbits through your generous mouse clicks. No one has ever died of of mouse clicking (but please try to prove us wrong by clicking on our links).